Security & Surveillance Cameras

Trends and Technology is an authorized Hanwha business STEP partner. Hanwha Techwin America (formerly Samsung Techwin) is a precision technology company that provides security cameras, recording solutions, storage solutions, encoders/decoders, software and monitors. As a leading manufacturer in the security industry, Hanwha offers video surveillance products including IP cameras, storage devices and management software founded on world-class optical design, manufacturing and image processing technologies. They offer end-to-end security solutions and have achieved global success across a wide range of industry verticals including retail, transportation, education, banking, healthcare, hospitality and airports.


Hanwha’s recently introduced its Wisenet line of innovative security products that demonstrate the value, technology and commitment they bring to market, including cameras, intelligent video analytics and H.265 support. Explore our solutions and see how we can help you.

Video Recording & Storage Servers

These powerful and versatile rack mount servers are manufactured for mission-critical video surveillance applications and are fully customizable for individual project requirements. Wisenet rack mount video servers run on SSD and SAS drive technologies that offer terabyes of raw video storage.